Accelerated Vocational Training

Vocational training provides job-specific technical training for trades. Vocational training generally focuses on providing students with hands-on instruction, and can lead to certification, a diploma or certificate.

Vocational training can also give applicants an edge in job searches, since they already have the certifiable knowledge they need to enter the work field.

Many vocational training  programs are in high demand in the current job market.

The final qualification and credentials one attains depends on the type of course and the credits earned as a result of the training.

Car Mechanics

This course entitles a student to fix modern cars, use computer to read maps and to be in change of a department of car maintenance workers.

explanation of:

  • General of safety rules
  • Engine parts + practical applications
  • Injection systems
  • Ignition systems
  • General car maintenance problems
  • Gear box
  • Suspension systems


Building Electricity

Teaching students electricity principles and practices on wiring that entitles a student to be an electrician.

Explanation of:

  • General safety rules
  • Home electrical circuits
  • parallel and series
  • outlets
  • stairs lighting
  • control circuits

Child Care

After the advances that our daily life witnesses, the challenges are increasing and so it is very important to have training courses that would entitle care givers  provide the needed care.

This course entitles students to be able to work as assistants in child care centers from the child years till school age and then to be  cultured in society

This course contains:

  • child psychology: Introduction to psychology science and puberty problems
  • Children literature: Introduction to child literature - child types - story
  • Education: Introduction to education science.

Elderly People Care

A trainer will be able to follow-up elderly people and provide care to them whether at homes or in care centers. This course is highly demanded due to the lack of knowledge sometimes on how to deal with elderly people.

This course contains:

  • Aging disorders and how to manage them.
  • Aging diseases.
  • How to give medicines to elderly people.
  • Aging to avoid complications.
  • Practice at elderly care centers.
  • Introduction on health issues related to elderly people.
  • Aging psychology.


Mobile Maintanance

At the end of the course, a student will be able to work as a mobile maintenance technician.

This course entitles students to:

  • know how mobile device works with the communication pillar and the local networks.
  • learn and fix the various technical errors.
  • train practically  on different mobile technical errors in various models.
  • train practically on software devices.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

This course entitles a student to work in refrigeration and air conditioning institutions, work in commercial centers as a maintenance worker, work in air conditioners selling shops, or run his/her own business in fixing air conditioners due to the high demand in this field.

This course contains:

  • Introduction to refrigeration science
  • workshops prevention and safety rules and measures
  • Explanation of the electric measurement tools
  • Explanation of the refrigeration tools
  • Explanation of the operation mechanism of refrigeration circuits
  • Introduction to welding
  • Diagnosis and fixing refrigeration errors
  • Explanation of no frost and defrost fridges
  • Diagnosis and maintenance of house's fridges
  • Executing welding works of different measures
  • Installation of various kinds of air conditions and the relevant safety rules
  • Installation mechanism of air conditioner's control board
  • Fixing control boards circuits
  • Assembling  of electrical wiring in No-frost fridges


Entitling  students to work in modern car maintenance workshops using computers to read maps and manufactures instructions ,using modern diagnosis techniques that  would allow students to work and run his own workshops.

This course contains:

  •  explanation of general safety rules.
  • explanation and diagnosis of technical errors of engine system.
  • explanation and diagnosis of injection systems and its technical errors.
  • explanation and diagnosis of ignition systems and its technical errors.
  • explanation and diagnosis of gear box and its technical errors.
  • explanation and diagnosis of suspension system and its technical errors.
  • explanation and diagnosis of electronic circuits and its technical errors.
  • explanation and diagnosis of safety and protection system.