About Us

Tamkeen vocational Institute: is a pioneering idea in the field of vocational education that combines theoretical teaching, practical application, educational guidance. Tamkeen vocational institute opened the doors to youth’s promising future and consequently help them achieve their hopes and aspirations. The institute is built in a geographical area that lacks any similar entity that follows the high-end standards to act as an educational reference for the residents in the  nearby area and its surrounding. Tamkeen is an institute that promotes good values and protects generations from behavioral delinquency and crime. Tamkeen fortifies individuals in the society from extremism and destructive ideas. Our vocational institute targets a vast majority of youth in several fields: vocational, informatics, & languages. Our Institute is official, authorized, and licensed by a presidential decree no. 1287. Tamkeen’s slogan :Tamkeen, for Human and Community Development – is not only as Logan but also a reality experienced in everyday life.

Means and Mechanisms

  • The institute's premise is specialized, and highly equipped with the latest tools, gadgets, facilities, and laboratories.
  • Tamkeen establishes symposium scientific symposia of specialists in the labor market.
  • Tamkeen establishes scientific science fairs for students' technical projects.
  • Tamkeen organizes partner’s visits to the institute to initiate cooperation and exchange of experiences.
  • Tamkeen organizes student’s visits to firms, factories, workshops, projects, and related companies.
  • Tamkeen works on preparing a scientific and electronic library of important and specialized scientific and technical references.


Our Goals

Training a Professional committed and punctual vocational generation

Developing the human capital, and the rehabilitation of the professional capacity in our youth in line with the needs of the local and international labor market.

Planting moral values in the professional lives of our students through educational guidance and counseling.

Our Policies

  • Adopting the Lebanese official curriculum and updating it in line with the goals.
  • Openness in public relations on the local market to keep pace with emerging needs and assist in the recruitment of graduates.
  • Building communication bridges and cooperation with civil society organizations, NGOs and other vocational institutions.
  • Focusing on the development of teachers and students' abilities in order to solve their problems, which helps to stimulate creativity in the light of scientific and technical momentum.

Our Vision

Empowering students to own professional vocational capabilities and specialized competencie
Enabling future generations to build and serve their communities.
The institute’s logo is immerged in tandem with this vision that is crystal clear in the vibrant colors of it.