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Combining theoretical teaching and practical application

Enabling future generations build and serve their communities

Focusing on moral values

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Educational guidance and counseling


Paving the ways for a promising future and trying to achieve youths hopes and aspirations.

Advanced step towards adult determination, ambition, and vision

Why Choosing Tamkeen?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Campus Location

Tamkeen is built in a geographical area that lacks any similar one. It is second to none. It follows the high-end standards and acts as an educational reference for the residents the nearby area and its surrounding.

Reshaping Our Youth

Tamkeen is an institute that fortifies individuals in the face of extremism and destructive ideas. We highly promote good values and protect generations from behavioral delinquency and crime.

Officially Licensed

Tamkeen was established for the purpose of human and community development. It is official and authorized by the presidential decree no. 1287.

Tamkeen institution: unlimited prospects, and earth size ambitions for human and community development.

  • Pleasant Environment

    We provide our students with a pleasant environment that assists in achieving their professionalism.
  • Multidisciplinary Institue

    Tamkeen offers multidisciplinary courses in various technical and artistic domains.
  • Highly Qualified Faculty

    We have highly qualified tutors and instructors who are active professionals and interested in providing the best learning experiences for our students.